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Hamdi Mahmoud

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Hamdi Mahmoud

Hamdi studied architecture and urbanism in the UK, is a member of the RIBA and joined UK design consultancy tangram architects and designers as Regional Director in September 2002 with the aim to establish the Middle East regional office in the United Arab Emirates. This Dubai studio later became one of the very first RIBA accredited International Chartered practices.


To increase control of project quality and work programmes, Hamdi’s first executive decision was to bring on board in-house engineering and building services teams which has successfully led the growth of tangram from an architectural practice to a fully multi-disciplinary design, project management and site supervision consultancy. This initial growth outstripped anything that had been projected and he was promoted to Managing Director of the global company in 2004.


The successful integration of engineering, infrastructure, cost and project management services along with geographic expansion of offices across the MENA Region and into Asia have all been attributed to Hamdi’s vision of providing the highest level of seamless service at the local level where our projects are delivered. His commitment to engaging clients personally throughout the entire project life-cycle and beyond have enabled an uninterrupted and seamless transition from development feasibility through design, procurement, construction and operations stages. Hamdi strongly believes in Patience, Persistence and Presence.


At the height of the Global Financial Crises, from 2009 to 2011, steered by Hamdi’s vision to expand into specialist engineering divisions and unattractive geographical regions tangram’s office in Abu Dhabi grew from 35 team members to over 350 as work across the Western Region of the UAE was explored.

Through the formation of a number of Tangram Group companies, he has led the opening, staffing and operations of seven tangram offices across the region, most recently steering development into North Africa, into Cairo and Algiers where tangram have become the first British architectural practice to open a permanent and registered office in the country.


With Hamdi at the helm, today tangram have offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Cairo, Algiers and London.

He is an experienced and qualified professional who ensures that his Company delivers to the highest standards for each and every client, each and every time.

Hamdi has established and nurtured client relationships and projects in the region for more than two decades. His understanding of the culture, traditions and language have provided clients with a strategic partner who can be relied upon to understand their development requirements and needs in much wider terms than design and delivery.


Current projects across the region include healthcare and research facilities, laboratories, education, hotels, tourism and leisure developments, residential, retail and sports venues, along with projects that are building in city resilience into well-established urban areas.


Hamdi ensures that both business and environmental sustainability are enshrined in each and every project that we undertake, from tangram’s earliest regional works in delivering the first green-roofed government building in Dubai (completed 2007), that facilitated the influence and effecting of change and support of Dubai’s ongoing “green building” trajectory. To research and development of traditional sustainable practices in the region.