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About Tangram Group

tangram Group is a UK based practice that is architect-led, with regional studios in London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Cairo , Algeria and Hong Kong from where we work across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

We offer multi-disciplinary services for urban design, architecture, interior design, landscape design, civil and structural engineering, building services engineering, cost control, project management and supervision of site works.

Our project sectors vary from the city and regional scale, to community defining public spaces, buildings and interiors, delivering tomorrows architecture, today.












We are committed to the best environmental practices and the principles of truly sustainable development. We offer a service that fully addresses environmental impact assessments, sustainability appraisals, environmental planning, ecological assessments, waste management and land, air and water pollution controls.



Our architectural, urbanism, and landscape teams are integrated to ensure that wider decisions are understood from the earliest stages of any project. We are dedicated to service, quality, and procedural controls are implemented in each and every Project.



We are experienced in delivering urban strategy framework policies for the streetscape, cityscape, public realm design, land use planning, urban design guidelines, regional planning, and regenerations strategies. Our urbanism projects seek to create and strengthen communities, encourage urban infrastructure and integration, and promote urban socio-economic growth and development.


Master Planning

We undertake urban design, town planning, and master planning projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. We are experienced in delivering urban framework policies for cityscapes and streetscapes, public realm design, land use planning, urban design, and regeneration strategies.


Landscape and the Public Realm

We provide highly personalized landscape architecture services based on a full understanding of our Client’s business aspirations and long-term strategies. Sustainable, contextually appropriate design is integral to all of our projects. We see design development as a process to be shared with our Clients and stakeholders of alike.


Project Managment

Our project management teams cover specialism in all areas of service that Tangram provides. We offer both consultancy and client project management services and cost control. Our efficient project running, monitoring, reporting and recording management teams are supported by the latest technology and tools.



We provide a fully coordinated and integrated design service, encompassing all associated engineering services to form one multi-disciplinary design team.
Roads and highways, transportation and traffic engineering, all associated dry and wet service utilities at regional, district, city, and local levels


Structure and Civil Engineering

Our fully integrated services encompass civil and structural engineering, building, and medical services engineering. Our value engineered approach optimizes both capital and revenue costs, ensuring that our innovative and functional solutions continue efficiently and effectively under their designated use.



For any consultancy services regarding CBRE or CBRN, please contact us to discuss directly

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